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The Purpose

Developed in the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Victory Mask was created as a way for people to beat the global crisis. Augustine Surgical, Inc. innovated new protective “masks” called the ComfortSeal­™ Filter. These mask inserts could turn a regular mask into a Victory Mask. Regular masks did not have the filter capacity and also did not have a good fit around the user’s face.

The Brand

By utilizing blue to represent trust and intellect Victory Mask aims to gain and reflect the same in people. They need to be confident in their protection when wearing their Victory Mask. Adding a green palette reflects nature which many people at the time were severely lacking due to the stay at home orders.

Product Development

The Victory Mask brand would contain the first Direct-to-Consumer products for Augustine Surgical, Inc. This meant that the target audience would be much larger than the hospital world. The main product under Victory Mask is the ComfortSeal Filter. This is a filter with a foam gasket that covers the user’s nose and mouth to drastically reduce the amount of unfiltered air, both inhaled and exhaled.

ComfortSeal Filter First Prototype

Victory Mask ComfortSeal Filter Prototype

The first prototype of the ComfortSeal Filter utilized closed-cell foam and a medical-grade, high-efficiency, electrostatic filter. The foam gasket greatly improves the seal of a mask around the nose and mouth. On the side of the mask next to the user’s face, a mesh adheres to the filter to prevent the media from getting in the user’s mouth. The ComfortSeal Filter also has an opening at the top to allow for a tighter fit over the bridge of the nose. Overall the Filter has Viral Efficiency Rate of 99.99975%.

ComfortSeal Filter Final Version

After receiving feedback from test users, the final version of the ComfortSeal Filter was released to the general public. A rounded design was more comfortable for users while also increasing the effectiveness. The protective mesh size was increased to provide less irritation on the user’s lips. By making the mesh the same size as the filter, production times decreased.

ComfortSeal Filter in a Surgical Mask

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